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About KOYO
Towards high quality of life
KOYO is a full-cycle enterprise that provides a full range of works and services for the development, design, production, supply, installation and post-sale service of elevators, escalators and passenger conveyors.
KOYO uses advanced German technology and classic aesthetic solutions and is constantly improving its products.
Since 2002, KOYO equipment has been exported to 98 countries of the world.
KOYO is a brand known all over the world
Using the latest science and advanced manufacturing technology, KOYO creates high quality products and continually improves their maintenance methods. Thanks to this, KOYO equipment has gained recognition in many countries around the world.
Changing stereotypes
KOYO has repeatedly received high marks from authoritative national and international experts as an advanced high-tech enterprise and owns more than 30 patents.
With unrivaled product quality, KOYO is rewriting the history of the Chinese elevator industry and completely changing the "Made in China" stereotype.
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