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SDMO diesel power plants (France)

Established: 1966
Country: France
Power range: 6 to 3300 kVA (5 to 2640 kW)
Engines used: Doosan; John Deere; Kohler; Mitsubishi; MTU; Volvo
Manufacturer rating: 4.24 (5th place)
Manufacturer popularity: 2.21% (dynamic)
Diesel power plants of the French company SDMO have been the benchmark for quality, efficiency and reliability for several decades. The main distinguishing feature of the concern is specialization in a single type of activity - the development and production of generator sets of the most various types and purposes. Moreover, SDMO is a full cycle company, i.e. all processes, from scientific research and design, to the manufacture of components, main components and assemblies, as well as the assembly of ready-made diesel generator sets, are carried out at one enterprise.
The main characteristics of diesel power plants of the French manufacturer include their undisputable reliability, as well as operational and environmental safety, which is confirmed by a variety of certificates, including European and world ones: ISO9001, Qualigen, France Telecom, the French Ministry of Defense, as well as domestic ones - the Russian State Standard. SDMO generators are characterized by high automation of control, simplicity and ease of use, ideal adaptation to work in the most difficult climatic conditions, which is especially important for our country.
Currently, the French brand produces a fairly wide range of high-quality equipment, therefore SDMO generators cover absolutely all niches of the world market: household, semi-industrial and industrial. SDMO power plants are used both as backup and as the main systems of uninterrupted autonomous power supply to objects of various levels and purposes. Due to the wide range of models, the possibility of equipping with a large number of various additional options, necessary components and equipment, in each specific case, the customer can choose the most optimal option that ideally meets his technical and operational requirements.
Diesel power plants SDMO are available on the Russian market in all types of performance. Depending on the operating conditions and location, the diesel generator set can be supplied to the customer in an open design for installation in a specially prepared room, as well as in a protective casing or container design, allowing the generator to operate outdoors and under any climatic conditions, from extremely low winter, to extremely high summer temperatures. At the same time, the use of low-noise diesel engines makes it possible to install the power plant in places with rather strict restrictions on the level of noise load.
A separate group of equipment in the line of SDMO diesel generator sets are stationary power plants designed to create main or backup systems of autonomous power supply to large consumers, such as industrial enterprises, banks, airports, farms, autonomous residential communities and other facilities of this kind. These DGS are distinguished by undoubtedly high reliability and quality of power supply, and also allow combining several power plants into a single high-power energy complex with a central control and automation station. At the same time, in the event of the appearance of unclaimed capacities, this system can be flexibly adjusted to specific operating parameters that are relevant in a given period of time, or it is easy to turn off the excess power plant and move it to another facility.
Another distinctive feature of SDMO equipment is the high maintainability of diesel generators, as well as a developed dealer and service network, including in Russia. Thanks to this, maintenance, as well as repairs of any complexity will be carried out by certified specialists using only original spare parts and consumables, which directly affects the quality of work and increases the service life and turnaround time of the purchased generator set.
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