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Architectural lighting of facades

Architectural lighting and illumination of building facades, lighting of private houses is an opportunity to create an individual design, an opportunity to highlight and emphasize the silhouette of a building or change its usual daytime appearance at night. The beautiful, expressive, illuminated building is no doubt eye-catching, standing out from the shadows. Lighting the facade of the building gives style, solidity, expressiveness to the urban space and gives new life to architectural monuments. For advertising purposes, architectural lighting is an indispensable tool.
We design various types of architectural lighting:
For residential complexes and private houses
In this type of lighting, local lighting techniques are mainly used, since the details of the facade are most effectively emphasized. But it is possible to combine, for example, mainly use the technique of local lighting with the effects of contour lighting
For hotel facades
Dynamic and local lighting in combination with contour lighting looks spectacular, where the dimensions of the illuminated building, architectural elements are selected with luminous lines or breaking them for an original look at night. Flexible cords, neon, glowing tubes are used.
For entertainment facilities
Dynamic lighting can change colors, flicker and create various dynamic lighting effects on the facade. With the help of modern control systems, the possibilities of dynamic lighting are very wide. Used LED spotlights, RGB color change bars and DMX control, LED neons, strobes and much more. Also Often use contour and flood lighting for facades.
Media facades for shopping centers
They consist of large LED screens on the facades of the building that carry media information, video images, commercials, and more. Special translucent LED panels or rulers are used, which create a homogeneous screen, showing video on one side, and on the other, i.e. from the side of the building, the effect of blinds
For business centers
The main type of lighting used in business, business and office centers is monochrome lighting. Since it is required to emphasize severity and brevity. Monochrome lighting can be used in contour lighting, spot lighting, and flood lighting. Linear, floodlight, architectural spotlights are used.
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