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Installation of video surveillance

Video surveillance systems are designed to record, reproduce and record everything that happens in the coverage area of the video camera.
Our company has accumulated many years of experience in this area. Over the years, the installation of video surveillance systems has been carried out at various facilities - from apartment buildings in the city of Dushanbe to industrial enterprises within and outside the city. That is why the specialists of our company know which equipment is suitable for a particular object, taking into account its characteristics and features.
Installing video surveillance is an affordable service for most consumers.
The specialists of our company are ready to:
develop for you a system project that suits you both in terms of functionality and price;
to carry out installation of video surveillance systems;
regularly carry out maintenance;
make a one-time repair of video surveillance systems.
Remember, the security of your facility doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive.
Top engineering - 85 works directly with equipment suppliers, which reduces the total cost of work. You can find out the approximate cost of installing video surveillance from our managers.
Stages of work on the installation of video surveillance: *
Departure of a specialist to the object in order to inspect the territory and identify the wishes of the customer.
Drawing up an installation project, as well as preparing an estimate.
Directly installing a video surveillance system (depending on the complexity, the process can take from several hours to several days).
Commissioning to ensure the installation was successful.
Delivery of the object to the customer, consultation on the operation of the equipment.
Modern systems consist of: *
surveillance cameras;
DVR (video server);
monitor for viewing;
cable routes.
We propose to install video surveillance on the following objects: *
Video surveillance in kindergarten.
Video surveillance in a residential building.
Video surveillance in the office.
Video surveillance at enterprises.
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