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Charging stations for electric vehicles

Choose environmentally friendly transport!
We are dedicated to the supply and service of sustainable types of transport. Our company is the first to begin the development and implementation of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles in the territory of Tajikistan.
If you are planning to buy a charging station for your house (cottage) or a batch of charging stations for the modernization of a specific object, our specialists are ready to provide professional assistance in choosing the necessary device in terms of price / power / quality parameters. The purchase of a charging station for electric vehicles will be a profitable solution for attracting advanced and respectable customers to a shopping center, fitness club, paid parking, will ensure the growth of loyalty and emphasize the image of your institution. Implementation and installation of charging stations in car fleets, car services, in supermarket parking areas - this is the task that we are ready to complete in a short time and on favorable terms for you.
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