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Dispatching elevators in Tajikistan!

We are glad to announce that Top Engineering LLC, with the support of the Dushanbe City Khukumat, has launched a dispatching control system for the work of over-modern and high-quality KOYO elevators.
In recent years, many new elevators in buildings and residential complexes have been commissioned in the city of Dushanbe. But there was still no single monitoring system for them, which means that control over them is decentralized and we can say that it does not exist. This became the subject of strong confusion of the citizens of the capital, since the danger that they could get stuck in the elevator or the elevator would not be working properly and they would have to climb to high floors on their own did not suit them. In the wake of such a construction boom, we decided to destroy these arguments and stereotypes about modern elevators in new buildings in our city.
Now we have a 24-hour online monitoring system for all our elevators, and our engineers have access to the elevator through applications on the phone, respectively, constant supervision. We responsibly declare that in all new buildings of the city where KOYO elevators are installed, you can celebrate yourself in complete safety, because even if you get stuck in an elevator or the elevator does not work, our engineers will fix this problem, now in a matter of minutes. Progress is not near it is already at your doorstep!
Below you can see the program for monitoring elevator systems. As you can see, we have a complete understanding of the state of the elevator, and in case of problems, we can solve some of them remotely.
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