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Dispatching elevators in Tajikistan!Freecooling systemsInstallation of a 220 kVA diesel generator in the city of KhorogStages of work on the installation of an elevator in a residential building on the Nemata Karabaeva st, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.We present to your attention our completed projects for the installation of elevators in residential complexes at 117 Zarafshon, st. Rudaki No. 167 and 169. st. SohiliDelivery of the first batch of equipment for diesel generators to Rogun for Salini Impregilo companyFor the first time in Tajikistan, we will install elevators on 26 floors!Project for enforcement of the technical premises of commutator for TcellHotel "Sheraton - Dushanbe" projectThe shopping center "Khonai Man" project
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The shopping center "Khonai Man" project

Our successfully completed project at 43 Pulodi Street, Khonai Man Shopping Center
The customer demanded high-quality solutions for the strict Scandinavian style of his brand.
We installed and launched an elevator brand for the customer: KOYO TWJ 1000 -1.0 - 3/3/3
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