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Dispatching elevators in Tajikistan!Freecooling systemsInstallation of a 220 kVA diesel generator in the city of KhorogStages of work on the installation of an elevator in a residential building on the Nemata Karabaeva st, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.We present to your attention our completed projects for the installation of elevators in residential complexes at 117 Zarafshon, st. Rudaki No. 167 and 169. st. SohiliDelivery of the first batch of equipment for diesel generators to Rogun for Salini Impregilo companyFor the first time in Tajikistan, we will install elevators on 26 floors!Project for enforcement of the technical premises of commutator for TcellHotel "Sheraton - Dushanbe" projectThe shopping center "Khonai Man" projectWe have given new life to old gensets! In two gensets SDMO T1450 Hyatt Regency Dushanbe changed old TELYS controller to new APM403 and changed oll filters! #kohler
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Project for enforcement of the technical premises of commutator for Tcell

We have successfully carried out work on additional strengthening of technological equipment in the commutator of CJSC "Indigo Tajikistan"
We proposed a successful project for implementation, which has no analogues in Tajikistan, since all materials for construction and installation were produced by us in our workshop in the city of Dushanbe.
We were given the task of additional strengthening of the technical equipment at CJSC "Indigo Tajikistan" by means of the cablerost material.
Kabelrost is a ladder-type ladder, in fact a cable tray, only in construction resembling a ladder in a simple comparison, two sidewalls and crossbars. Installation of kabelrost is carried out to the wall, ceiling, and other structures.
LLC "Top Engineering - 85" sells kabelrost or cable ladder. We are also engaged in the installation and implementation of cable growth in Tajikistan.
Below is our project from the very beginning of design to final installation and successful acceptance of work at CJSC "Indigo Tajikistan".
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