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Construction of sports grounds and fields

One of the ways to improve the territory can be the construction of sports grounds. This is a separate area for physical culture and sports. The main attributes of a sports ground are a special coating, markings and equipment (inventory). In addition, many objects also have fences and lighting systems. If necessary, the platforms can be equipped with rooms for changing clothes and storing equipment, stands for spectators, etc.
The sporty lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Public and specialized sports grounds make it possible to fulfill the needs for physical culture and health-improving activities for the most diverse groups of the population - children, youth and the elderly, lovers of active leisure and professional athletes, as well as people with disabilities. Practice shows that the construction of a sports field next to their home can be much more beneficial for many people than an elite fitness club.
Compared to indoor facilities, the construction of outdoor sports grounds is many times cheaper. At the same time, the capacity of the grounds is often higher than that of expensive sports complexes.
Where are sports grounds usually built?
In the courtyard of apartment buildings with landscaping.
Countryside residential complexes, private cottages, summer cottages.
Recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels, parks.
Educational institutions (schools, institutes), kindergartens, camps.
Specialized sports facilities.
In addition to general construction standards, when arranging sports grounds, the construction company "Top Engineering-85" necessarily takes into account the practical recommendations of specialized scientific and sports organizations, developed for modern urban conditions. For example, a sports ground intended for team games should preferably be located on the eastern side of multi-storey buildings, with an equatorial orientation (the long axis of the site is parallel to the equator line). It is with this location that the sun will not interfere with a comfortable game either during the day or in the evening. Seats for spectators, as well as playgrounds that involve one main direction of active action (for example, towns), are recommended to be oriented towards the north, north-east or east.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the optimal options for the placement of a specific sports ground should be determined taking into account a set of factors - terrain conditions, area and features of the site location, the main functional purpose of the site, etc.
The main types of sports grounds
Areas for recreational activities and recreational games. They are very popular. In big cities, they can be seen in almost every courtyard. Equipment for strength and gymnastic training is usually used as equipment - parallel bars, crossbars, wall bars. As a rule, they are combined with playgrounds with swings, slides, carousels and other play equipment designed for the harmonious physical development of children of different ages.
Playing fields designed for a specific sport (basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, football, hockey, etc.). Depending on the functional purpose and the wishes of the customer, they can be implemented in various forms - from the simplest inexpensive sites to ultra-modern complexes worthy of hosting international competitions of the highest level.
Platforms for athletics (running, walking, jumping, throwing special equipment).
Specialized areas (obstacle courses, ramps for extreme sports, etc.).
Universal (multifunctional) platforms. Special markings make it possible to combine several playing fields on the territory of one site (for example, for mini-football, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton and tennis). In addition, gymnastic and exercise equipment can be located on it. According to the experience of the construction company "Olympia", this category of sports facilities is one of the most demanded on the modern Russian market.
Safety requirements for sports grounds
The essence of sports can be expressed in the words of the famous Olympic motto: "Faster, higher, stronger!" High speed of movement on the site, heavy loads on sports equipment, contact sports wrestling can lead to injuries. Therefore, all elements of the playground should be as safe as possible: the surface should be smooth, moderately hard and not obstructing movement; equipment - strong and securely fastened; lighting - uniform and bright enough, allowing you to see well all the elements of the site and game equipment in the dark, but not dazzling the players and spectators; the fence is durable and able to cushion the energy of impacts.
If the functional purpose of the site allows the likelihood of the departure of sports equipment (ball, puck, throwing projectiles, etc.) from its territory, this should be prevented by a special fence that minimizes the risk of injury to passers-by, damage to window panes, parked vehicles and other property, and also the occurrence of road accidents (sports grounds are very often located next to the carriageway). The design and height of the fence can be of great practical importance. Taking into account the specifics of team sports, the fence sections located behind the gates (mini-football, handball, hockey) are usually made higher than the side ones.
The materials from which the elements of the playground are made, as well as the paintwork during operation in the open air, must not emit harmful substances. Do not forget about the appearance of the site - it is also a way to improve the area.
The operation of almost any open sports ground is associated with increased mechanical stress and constant weather conditions. Therefore, the coating must be resistant to abrasion, delamination, cracks and other defects arising from mechanical damage, temperature changes, precipitation, etc. Wooden elements (usually hardwoods are used) must be protected from rotting, drying out and carefully polished. Metal parts are treated with anti-corrosion compounds and coated with moisture-resistant paint. Concrete elements are made from the most durable and frost-resistant concrete grades.
During the construction of sports grounds, Top Engineering-85 uses only certified building materials and equipment that meet sanitary and hygienic and safety requirements.
Technology of construction of sports grounds *
In modern conditions, anti-vandal materials and structures are increasingly used for the construction of sports grounds. They are difficult to break or take apart. This makes sports equipment more difficult to break down and easier to repair. Such facilities last much longer, and their maintenance is cheaper than sports grounds of previous generations.
Thanks to modern technologies, the sites can be operated intensively all year round. At the same time, some types of synthetic turf used in the warm season, for example, for playing mini-football, can be filled with ice for the winter as an ice rink or hockey rink without losing its original qualities.
The main stages of the construction of a sports ground:
Arrangement of a solid foundation (earthworks, concreting, asphalting), drainage and drainage systems.
Laying the coating (depending on the characteristics of the object, a mixture of rubber crumb and polymer binders, special soil, artificial or natural grass is used).
Installation of fences, lighting masts, stands for spectators (if necessary).
Drawing of markings (taking into account the rules of the respective sports).
Installation of basic equipment (gates, rings, racks, nets, boards, judges' stands for team sports, as well as exercise equipment, gymnastic apparatus, etc.). Individual elements (gates, posts, towers) can be combined with the site fencing.
The Top Engineering-85 company provides services for the construction of houses and cottages, reconstruction of buildings and repair of offices. In addition, we carry out landscaping and landscaping, construction of playgrounds and sports grounds.
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