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Presentation "Kohler SDMO in Tajikistan""Koyo Elevator 2017 in the Republic of Tajikistan" ConferenceThe process of installing escalators! Installing an escalator with a length of 14 m and a weight of 8,500 kg without a crane, indoors - this is not an easy task!))Despite the difficulties of transporting goods around the world, we find ways to quickly deliver our elevators to our customers on time! 09.04.2021 the elevators for the residential complex on Bofanda Street have arrived! Our guys already started to instal
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"Koyo Elevator 2017 in the Republic of Tajikistan" Conference

Delegates and guests at the Conference were more than 60 specialists, including representatives of the Committee for Construction and Architecture under the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Department for State Supervision of Safe Work in Industry and Mining Supervision under the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, managers of the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the city of Dushanbe, management and representatives of the republican and city Design Institute, as well as
representatives of management companies responsible for the operation of elevators, heads of construction organizations, representatives of companies engaged in the development and production of elevator equipment, representatives of companies that provide services for the installation and maintenance of security systems in the elevator.
The conference considered the actual problems of the operation of elevators in the residential and business fund of Tajikistan, as well as the requirements of regulatory legal acts. Much attention was paid to the issues of the latest innovations in the field of elevator construction in the country, the responsibility of the elevator owner and a specialized elevator organization for violations during the operation of elevators, the basic requirements for the organization of elevator operation, dispatching, inspection of elevators, etc.
Our General Director Jaihun Khoshmatov and regional manager of Koyo Elevators Mr. Tony Mei made presentations to the audience.
After the speakers' speeches, an interesting discussion ensued, in which invited guests and experts took part. All speakers noted the importance and timeliness of the event, called for an open dialogue, exchange of experience and the development of common solutions and also expressed gratitude to the organizer of the conference.
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