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Presentation "Kohler SDMO in Tajikistan""Koyo Elevator 2017 in the Republic of Tajikistan" ConferenceThe process of installing escalators! Installing an escalator with a length of 14 m and a weight of 8,500 kg without a crane, indoors - this is not an easy task!))Despite the difficulties of transporting goods around the world, we find ways to quickly deliver our elevators to our customers on time! 09.04.2021 the elevators for the residential complex on Bofanda Street have arrived! Our guys already started to instal
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Presentation "Kohler SDMO in Tajikistan"

Quality luxury generators ranging from private to industrial sizes are now available at affordable prices. This privilege will be available for Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Armenia.
Quality luxury generators ranging from private to industrial sizes are now available at affordable prices. This privilege will be available for Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Armenia. KOHLER SDMO products have a 35-year warranty if used properly.
On Saturday, April 7, the Tajik company "Top Engineering", being the official representative of the world famous brand KOHLER SDMO in Tajikistan and Central Asia, organized a meeting with the leadership of the regional office of the American-French company "KOHLER SDMO".
At the invitation of Top Engineering, Dushanbe was visited by the regional director of KOHLER SDMO, Mr. Alain Deessard, and the regional manager of the company, Viktor Lobov. They met with Tajik entrepreneurs and stakeholders, presented the brand and answered questions from local entrepreneurs.
Mr. Deessard noted that the equipment of the French concern "KOHLER SDMO" is well known to consumers around the world for many decades, being the standard of quality, efficiency and reliability around the world. Founded in 1966, it has become one of the world leaders in the manufacture of generator sets for standby and constant power supply. The range of the concern's equipment includes gasoline, diesel and gas generators with a capacity from 1 to 4200 kVA. When connected in parallel, the total power can be up to 11,000 kVA.
The participants of the meeting with great interest asked questions about the latest developments of the brand, statistical data on energy savings, the possibility of completing the already installed equipment and the possibility of completing the transaction through the services of domestic banks.
“The event was held at a high level: we heard a lot of new, useful information for ourselves, so we will be in close contact with Top Engineering,” Ruslan Amanbaev, technical director of Sozidanie LLC, said on the sidelines.
He also said that Sozidanie has been cooperating with Top Engineering since the very beginning of the company's activity, and noted the high degree of qualification of the official distributor of the KOHLER SDMO brand in Tajikistan and Central Asia.
- There was a time when we faced problems in the supply of spare parts for the existing diesel engines of large capacity and equipment. To tell the truth, we have been worn out. We had to contact the Moscow office of "KOHLER SDMO", ask for help and advice in technical matters. Since a new player, Top Engineering, entered the Tajik market in 2015, these problems have been removed from the agenda. The company has supplied spare parts for us more than once, they regularly service the units, and their work suits us perfectly, - Ruslan Amanbaev shared.
We would like to remind that the activities of Top Engineering are aimed at all types of engineering structures and their maintenance. In a short time, the company became the official representatives of several world brands in the Republic of Tajikistan, such as French SDMO generators, Carrier ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems, elevators and escalators KOYO Elevator, Schneider Electric, Emerson and other well-known brands.
The company's management focuses on highly qualified specialists and in each project appoints an individual official who is a specialist in the field of this project.
The permanent partners of Top Engineering are the cellular companies Tcell, Beeline Tajikistan, Megafon Tajikistan, five-star hotels Sheraton Dushanbe and Hayat Regency Dushanbe, construction companies LLC Stroy Center, LLC Avicenna, LLC Komron va K, Embassy of India in Tajikistan, etc.
- Being the official distributors of KOHLER SDMO not only in Tajikistan, but throughout the Central Asian region, we have already made working trips to neighboring Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, where we have begun to provide our professional services, said the founder of Top Engineering Jaihun Khoshmatov.
He also stressed that the KOHLER SDMO warehouse is located in Dushanbe, which means that the customer will be able to purchase the necessary goods as soon as possible. And in the case of individual special orders, the purchase will be delivered to the designated place within 20-25 days.
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